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The Spudcast (with Randy Adeva and Beau Windon)

Don’t know the difference between improv and standup? Tune in to hear Randy and Beau share share with Andy and Mog how they got involved with the improv scene, and learn how you can too! Find the links we mention in this episode's show notes.

Episode 36 (with Ryan Walker)

Ryan Walker joins Andy and Mog in the studio for an honest conversation about his six or so years of experience as a struggling open mic comedian (his own words). Also featured is Into the Woods by Cilla Jane from her album Until Morning Comes.

Episode 35

Andy and Mog fly solo…ish in a rickety plane for two and crash straight down the rabbit hole where they find Babies, Snoopzilla and a book possibly written by Darwin* called Origin of the Selfies. They attempt to answer some of the tougher questions found on Yahoo! Answers and, in the process, Mog remembers the good old days of being a Cub Scout. Red Remedy deliver quality tunes in the form of Love This Machine from their second EP The Waste. *Probably not.

Episode 34 (with Mitch Alexander)

Mitch Alexander joins us to chat a little bit about stand-up, metal, nude modelling and how he involves himself in each. Death Audio provides the metal with Black Rose from their self-titled debut album.

Episode 33 (with Beau Fitzpatrick and Carly Milroy)

Beau Fitzpatrick and Carly Milroy Join Andy and Mog in the studio to talk about the growing beast that is YAWP, their online publication that covers all aspects of live comedy performance. Also featured is the track If I Had A Gun from Melbourne talent Jemma Nicole.

Episode 32 (with Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall)

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall joins Andy and Mog in the studio for an entertaining conversation about postcodes, comedy, and the creative process. Also featured is the track A Dream of Mine from Cilla Jane’s When The Night Falls EP.

Episode 31 (with Dilruk Jayasinha)

The delightful Dilruk Jayasinha chats to Andy and Mog about his experience as a standup, growing up in Sri Lanka, and the chaos of performing comedy as part of a live television broadcast. We've also included an audio sketch from the Potato Revolution Vault that Andy made waaay back in 2005. It's got sound effects and everything!

Episode 30 (with Murphy McLachlan)

Comedian, writer and prolific content creator Murphy McLachlan chats with us about humble beginnings, where he's at now, and what to expect in the future from this man with one finger on the pulse and the rest of them (thumbs included) in a variety of tasty pies. To celebrate the release of their forthcoming album Co-ORDiNATION, we have Knuckles by Voltera for your aural pleasure.

Episode 29 (with Ryan Coffey)

Ryan Coffey joins us to chat about what he does as a comedian with a guitar and a loop pedal, as well as what it's like to perform in standup and music venues alike. Also hear a delightful tale about midnight defecation, Mog impersonating Billy Connolly (badly), and Andy raising the bar (while simultaneously lowering the tone) with his hard-hitting interview skills. And if that's not enough, songstress Sophie Rose gets a little bit French with her track Chanson.

Episode 28 (with Dan Juola)

Dan Juola chats with us about what it's like to be an American comic doing standup in Melbourne. Mog talks about his own recent standup debut, and Andy shares his insight on how not to act when turning up drunk for work. Not only, but also, The Nymphs provide tunes in the form of Mr Slink from their 2010 self-titled EP.

Episode 27 (with Xander Allan)

Xander Allan joins us in the studio for a chat about comedy, music, and defining childhood moments. Andy reviews The Great Gatsby (2013) and Short Circuit (1986), while Mog shares his thoughts on the PS3 prequel/reboot of Tomb Raider (2013). This week's tunes are brought to you by NSW band Red Remedy with their track Am I Coming Around.

Episode 26 (with Cahl Schroedl)

Cahl Schroedl (1970-2018) was our man of the hour for this episode. Musician, artist, and all-round personable guy that he was – hear him share a story or two about his many years of being a part of Melbourne's underground music scene. Mog tells a tale of too much beer and karaoke at the infamous Fluid Oz, while Andy tells of his inability to use a heat pack properly. In the latest installment of Things That Are Weird: Conspiracy Theory 101 we delve into what an amateur Tasmanian paranormal investigator discovered when he decided to get to the bottom of weird goings-on in his household. Music featured in this episode is From This by Razors Of Ockham (a sister-project to industrial metal band Voltera).

Episode 25 (with Nicolette Minster and Louise Joy McCrae)

Nicolette Minster and Louise Joy McCrae (collectively known as Girls Uninterrupted) join us this week to talk about the success of their latest festival show and shed some light on the process behind presenting sketch comedy as a duo. Andy tells us about getting a taste of his own medicine from a conspiracy theorist taxi driver and Mog shares his thoughts on The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. Know The Drill is this week’s track from Melbourne Rockers Son Of Set.

Episode 24 (with Aiden Pyne)

This episode features the mighty Aiden Pyne sharing his tales of the mother country (England) and what it’s like to do standup over there. Andy attempts to relive his youth at an Aerosmith concert and Mog brings depth to the conversation by talking about the Animals of Farthing Wood. Also featured is Slow It Down from Melbourne groovers Pan.Chromatic. Get into it!

Episode 23 (with Kieran Eaton)

Kieran Eaton joins us once again in the studio – this time to share his knowledge on the Perth comedy scene, '80s cartoons and the perks of caring for the elderly. Andy presents an instalment of Things That Are Weird: Conspiracy Theory 101 in which he draws us into the bizarre world of internet theorists and a few of the topics they devote their time and energy to, and Mog tells a story about buying a new pair of pants. This episode features a track from Melbourne thrash rockers, Dirty Chapters. Get into it!

Episode 22 (with Dan Brader)

Dan Brader drops by the studio to chat about his approach to comedy and share a few stories about the highs and lows of his tumultuous career. Also, Mog and Andy reflect on the debut performance/event that was the Potato Revolution Launch Party and we have some awesome tunes from Melbourne's metal industrialists Voltera. You won’t want to miss this!

Episode 21 (with John Potter)

Up-and-coming local comic John Potter deftly guides us through the ins and outs of preparing and being a part of an ensemble show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. And if that’s not enough, this episode also features I Wish that I had Duck Feet from Goulburn-based duo Sibling Reveille.

Episode 19 (with Joshua James)

Summer’s here and so is Joshua James to soak the sun, sink some beers, and shoot the shit with topics such as racism in Australia, the Namibian muppet creature, NASA’s big Mars announcement, and the Iron Dome. He also performs live from the loungeroom with Andy on guitar!

Episode 18 (with Trav Nash)

Trav Nash joins us to chat about art, Star Wars, what's wrong with Australian TV, and the bizarre world of standup comedy groupies.

Episode 17 (with Kirk McKenzie)

Chaos reigns this week with infamous Melbourne comedy legend Kirk McKenzie joining us in the studio to rap about his career, as well as actually rap with Andy.

Episode 16 (with John Potter and Evan McHugh)

Evan McHugh and John Potter join Mog to converse over the shit-fight that propaganda film The Innocence Of Muslims has left in its wake. On a lighter note, they also explain why sometimes it’s better not to go back and revisit childhood cartoons. Plus, John shares some of his insight as a new comedian on the Melbourne scene. And if that’s not enough, Andy and Mog continue the fun with a story of true crime and drama, as well as attempting to answer the question, 'Did Andy see a UFO?'.

Episode 15 (with Murdoch Anderson and Kieran Eaton)

Doc of Dirty Chapters returns to the studio as we share our views on Gina Rinehart (who can get fucked), the adventures of the Mars Curiosity Rover, and Mog’s socialising difficulties. We also Skype Kieran Eaton to talk about the difference between the comedy scene of Melbourne and Perth.

Episode 14 (with Andrew Main and Murdoch Anderson)

Rock!!! Drew and Doc of Melbourne rockers Dirty Chapters join us in the studio to chat about how the band came to be, what's the deal with disappearing space dust, and why the hell Melbourne freaked out so much with that little shudder people claim was an earthquake. We also delve into why Def Leppard are covering their own songs, what makes a man want to behead his own daughter, and other cultural curiosities from across the sea. Plus, have a listen to some Dirty Chapters magic with their track Dean Caldwell's Trap.

Episode 13 (with Evan McHugh)

Evan McHugh of Left and Correct joins us for a huge episode where we attempt to demystify the Dalai Lama, investigate claims of the supernatural, and share stories of our respective forays into what may or may not be the beginnings of careers in standup. We also give our thoughts on the 32-year mess that was Lindy Chamberlain’s very public dance with Australian law, as well as respond to some feedback from you guys listening at home.

Episode 12

Stripped back to the bare essentials, Andy and Mog talk about nothing and everything all at once. From 3D movies, to Turning 30, the fun of drugs and incriminating evidence, and the week of horror that ended May 2012 including our thoughts on Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Episode 11 (with Tim Dubois and Kieran Eaton)

A new studio, TWO magnificent guests, a sound guy, video (although not available here just yet)! All this and more in the second episode of season two. Andy and Mog speak with physicist Tim Dubois about all manner of things from weddings to the mysteries of Pumapunku, rabbits, Andy’s art, octocopters and spicy food. As an extra treat for those of you that can’t get enough of Mr Kieran Eaton, he’s here 'live' from Perth through the magic of the internet. Enjoy this miracle of modern science right now!

Episode 10 (with Joshua James)

The first episode of season 2 is delivered with guns blazing! Joshua James of There Is A Staircase In Argentina joins Andy and Mog to wax lyrical about anything and everything including brothers and videogames, farts and lovemaking, molesting the homeless, dead pop icons, the Norway massacre, and world politics.

Episode 9 (with Kieran Eaton)

Andy, Mog and Kieran ring in the new year with the usual banter over such topics as weird things people eat, new years celebrations, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Hitchens, and plans after death.

Episode 8 (with Kieran Eaton)

Kieran, Mog and Andy get technological with discussion about smartphones, the internet, pop culture, and the weather.

Episode 7 (with Kieran Eaton)

Mog, Andy and Kieran explore the unknown with Kieran’s slap-band story, Bridesmaids, icebreakers, Gobekli Tepe and other mysterious structures.