The Potato Revolution Podcast ran for 3 seasons from 2011-2013.

Starting life as a crude comedy outlet for aspiring Melbourne comedians Mog Thistlethwaite and Andy Mai Mai, the show soon evolved into something with a little more substance. The addition of comedian interviews, featured music from local artists, and a refined focus turned this backroom sideshow into an informative program worth sharing.

Season 1 was most definitely a work in progress. The addition of ongoing guest Kieran Eaton helped pave the way forward for the following season.

Season 2 featured a new guest with almost every episode. We had a scientist, musicians, comedians, artists, and more. We even did a live music session!

Season 3 hit the ground running. With a strong focus on comedian interviews and new music featured in every episode, the Potato Revolution podcast had matured and flourished.

Some of the names involved in this project have moved on, some have passed away, and there's also the diligent few that have seen the success we hoped for each and every one of us.

Whatever path these individuals have followed - you know who you are - thankyou for your time and your invaluable contribution. We could not have done this without you.

Where it all began:
In the Spring of 2011, Andy and Mog built their own website from scraps and offcuts they’d found when rummaging through a back alley skip. This rickety contraption would barely hold together under the weight of all the words, comics and artwork, but it was functional enough that people came from all over just to see what they’d do next.

Surprisingly, what And and Mog did next was release a comedy podcast. In a time when podcasts were sprouting up all over the place, the Potato Revolution podcast was added to the iTunes New and Noteworthy list in 2012. In its first season the podcast could certainly be classified as new, but it would not become noteworthy until the following year. In 2013, Andy and Mog kicked off the podcast's second season with a live event: The Potato Revolution Launch Party - an evening that included standup, storytelling, and specially-brewed limited edition beer. It also marked the debut performance of Melbourne-based noise band Kollaps.

Adapting this blend of comedy and music to the podcast, subsequent episodes featured new music from local bands, and an extensive guest list of comedians who dropped by the studio to chat. From these recordings they grew a community of friends and partnerships that continues to evolve and flourish.